The SmallCannabis™ Foundation was established in October 2019 by its Founder, Jim Plamondon, to organize the design and implementation of a sustainable global cannabis supply chain.

Many global supply chains, once hopelessly exploitative, have been improved in recent decades by hard-working and ingenious people. These people have learned the hard way — by doing it — what works, what doesn't, and why. The SmallCannabis™ Foundation expects to start by engaging their interest in this new task.

Our task may be easier because we don't have to compete with lower-priced products from an exploitative supply chain. There is no global supply chain for legal cannabis today. What little global trade there is, is coming primarily from producers in high-cost jurisdictions such as Canada.

Will it be easy to organize the nations that are likely to be the lowest-cost producers of cannabis into the SmallCannabis Consortium? To harmonize their cannabis laws, regulations, tax regimes, treaties, etc. facilitate sustainability? To ensure that their products meet European standards? To build a global supply chain that sends part of the profits from its consumer sales back to its producers? No, that's not going to be easy — but it is likely to be a lot easier than if lower-priced, unsustainably-produced products were already on the legal market. Those products will emerge if we wait too long. That's why it's important to act now.

Let's get cannabis right from the start!
  • People: A living income for everyone in the global cannabis supply chain, without exploiting any worker.
  • Planet: Improvement to the global environment, without exploiting any local ecology.
  • Profits: Market-based solutions that deliver cannabis of appropriate quality for each intended use while meeting all European standards, without exploiting any consumer (with inferior products) or investor (with inferior returns).